NCEAS Postdoc & Center Associate develop the SciFund Challenge to connect everyone to the excitement of doing science

Jai Ranganathan and Jarrett Byrnes

Inspired by the spirit of collaboration and a shared passion for bringing science research to a wider audience, NCEAS Center Associate Jai Ranganathan and NCEAS Postdoc Jarrett Byrnes developed a creative new initiative called the SciFund Challenge. Instead of ivory tower research, the SciFund Challenge brings proposed science projects to the people to connect everyone to the excitement of doing science.  

The SciFund Challenge inspired the passion and creativity of 49 scientists who engage in diverse research projects. The SciFund Challenge blog offers an insider's view of the development and evolution of the initiative.

Jai and Jarrett's groundbreaking effort to fund small-scale research projects via crowdfunding within the SciFund Challenge has been featured in a variety of U.S. and international media:

Forbes: Crowdfunding for Science and STEM Education
MSNBC : It’s the science of money — here’s how you can help
Scientific American : To study backward-finned dolphin, researcher sources crowds for cash
CNN : Who were the 99% of ancient Rome?
Europa Press : Three Spanish researchers seeking funding on the Internet (in Spanish)
The Asian Scientist : The #SciFund Challenge – science funding through crowdsourcing
Check out the full list of coverage by traditional and new media, with articles in Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


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Posted on December 7, 2011