Nature & humans leaving indelible mark on rivers & streams

aged thumbnail image of a raging river, with a bridge in the distant backgroundScience Magazine publishes NCEAS researcher's findings that a combination of nature and humans is affecting aquatic food webs by leaving an indelible mark on rivers & streams.

The Role of Discharge Variation in Scaling of Drainage Area and Food Chain Length in Rivers
J.L. Sabo, J.C. Findlay, T. Kennedy, D.M. Post
Science 330, pp.965-967 (12 Nov 2010 - online 14 October 2010)

The following is a sample of the media coverage of this study:
Conservation Magazine: Breaking the Chain
Postmedia News (Canada): Human meddling threatens rivers, human food chain: U.S. study
Thaindian News (Thailand): Nature and humans destroying aquatic food webs
Zee News (India): Nature and humans destroying aquatic food webs

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Posted on October 14, 2010