NCEAS seeks Postdoctoral Associates for Gulf of Alaska long term synthesis

Following the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in 1989, the oil-impacted areas of the Gulf of Alaska have been extensively monitored to examine impacts of the spill on the ecosystem and to assess and promote recovery of impacted species. NCEAS has collaborated with investigators from Gulf Watch Alaska and the Herring Research and Monitoring program to collate historical data from a quarter century of monitoring studies on physical and biological systems impacted by the spill


NCEAS now seeks a Postdoctoral Associates to conduct synthesis research for the Gulf of Alaska while in residence at NCEAS for two years starting Fall/Winter 2014. Successful candidates will utilize data gathered by NCEAS, along with other existing information, to conduct and publish holistic synthesis and analyses of driving processes and perturbations within complex ecosystem of the Gulf of Alaska. Postdoctoral Associates will pursue their own independent synthesis of the available Gulf of Alaska data while also collaborating with two Gulf of Alaska long-term synthesis Working Groups. Applications are due by October 1, 2014. More>


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Posted on September 13, 2014