New OHI Website to Conduct Your Own Ocean Health Index Assessment, a redesigned website published by the Ocean Health Index team, and offers the opportunity to learn more about the science of the Ocean Health Index and how to conduct your own assessment. OHI-Science offers freely available open-source tools that allow assessments to be conducted at many spatial scales. This resource gives you access to downloadable code, models, and the ability to learn more about this assessment, its mechanics, and how you can utilize it.

“For the past three years we have been working with independent groups to lead their own OHI assessments. We are excited to put all these resources we’ve developed in one place to facilitate ongoing and future efforts towards healthy ocean” – Julia Stewart Lowndes

The website also features a blog and forums for you to gain knowledge from other users and see how this tool is being used across the globe. Visit the website to learn more, and follow @OHIScience on Twitter to receive updates.

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Posted on January 26, 2016