Quantifying the Benefits People Gain from Marine Ecosytems

Linking the condition of an ecosystem to the benefits that people derive from that system is a fundamental challenge for scientists and managers, and one that must be met in order to implement ecosystem based management. This paper presents a pragmatic approach to quantifying the benefits people gain from marine systems. The method is illustrated by quantifying the link between scuba diving activity levels and the health of the kelp forest canopy. This approach helps to operationalize the concept of marine ecosystem services, highlighting those components of the ecosystem that are linked to benefits to people, and thus should be a focus for management.

Linking human activity and ecosystem condition to inform marine ecosystem based management
Susanne Menzel, Carrie Kappel, Bernardo Broitman, Fiorenza Micheli, and Andrew Rosenberg
Aquatic Conservation: Marine Freshwater Ecosystems (2013)

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Posted on May 28, 2013