What is the Impact of Your Data?

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New functionality added to the KNB Data Repository now enables researchers to measure the impact of their shared data by displaying how many times their datasets have been viewed or downloaded. The KNB Data Repository stores data for a diverse range of ecological, environmental, and Earth science research topics. Scientists use the KNB to share their data with one another while collaborating and, once their research is completed, they can openly share their datasets with the entire scientific community.

Now researchers using the KNB are able to:

  • See how many times their datasets have been viewed or downloaded
  • Compare how their datasets rank in usage relative to other datasets by sorting by popularity
  • View graphs and charts summarizing all the datasets in the KNB Data Repository

KNB New Features

The National Science Foundation - and ever more scientific journals - require authors to openly store and share their research data. In response to the growing demand for flexible, robust long-term data management solutions, NCEAS has rolled out a major upgrade to the KNB Data Repository (formerly known as the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity) that improves access to and better supports the data management needs of science labs and individual researchers. 

The KNB Data Repository stores data on topics ranging from habitat conservation planning data for endangered species (doi:10.5063/AA/bowdish.3.32), to a comprehensive Caribbean food web dataset (doi:10.5063/AA/bowdish.272.36), to a meta-analysis database for net accumulations of carbon and nitrogen in terrestrial ecosystems due to elevated CO2 (doi:10.5063/AA/bowdish.233.36).

Thousands of individual researchers, dozens of field stations, and even large research networks like PISCO and LTER use the KNB to collaborate with colleagues and preserve data for the benefit of science. As one of the founding Member Nodes of the DataONE network, the KNB contributes to the diverse collection of data within the network; ensuring reliable, distributed access to and storage of valuable research data for decades to come.

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Posted on May 2, 2014