Activity Participants

Working Group – Detritus and dynamics of populations, food webs and communities

4th—9th November 2002

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Duncan Callaway University of California, Davis
Peter C. de Ruiter Universiteit Utrecht
Quan Dong Everglades National Park
Alan Hastings University of California, Davis
Nancy C. Johnson Northern Arizona University
Kevin S. McCann McGill University
Kimberly A. Melville-Smith University of Northern Colorado
John C. Moore University of Northern Colorado
Peter J. Morin State University of New Jersey, Rutgers
Knute Nadelhoffer National Science Foundation
David M. Post Yale University
Amy Rosemond University of Georgia
John L. Sabo Arizona State University
Kate Scow University of California, Davis
Donald R. Strong University of California, Davis
Michael J. Vanni Miami University
Diana H. Wall Colorado State University