Activity Participants

Working Group – A Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity: Building and evaluating a metadata-based framework for integrating heterogeneous scientific data (Hosted by NCEAS)

2nd—4th February 2005

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Johnoel Ancheta University of Hawaii, Mānoa
John P. Anderson New Mexico State University
Debbie Baker University of Kansas
William Ball Mountain Studies Institute
Vijay Barve Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions
Steven Bauer University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Chien-Wen Chen Taiwan Forestry Research Institute
Veronique Connolly University of California, Santa Barbara
Duane Costa University of New Mexico
Nicole Czarnoms Oregon State University
Laura Downey University of New Mexico
Tom Fredericks Cornell University
Saurabh Garg University of California, Santa Barbara
Robert Garrit Marine Biological Laboratory
Keith Jenkins Cornell University
Matthew B. Jones University of California, Santa Barbara
James Laundre Marine Biological Laboratory
Tim Levatich Cornell University
Eda Melendez University of Puerto Rico
Marcia Moreno Baez Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, Inc.
Moacir Pedroso Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuaria
Deana D. Pennington University of New Mexico
Samantha J. Romanello University of New Mexico
Jill Rundall Northern Arizona University
Mark Servilla University of New Mexico
Theresa Valentine USDA Forest Service
Kristin Vanderbilt University of New Mexico
Jonathan M. Walsh Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Wen Ting Yiu NTU, School of Forestry and Resource Conservation