Activity Participants

Working Group – The fate of nitrogen inputs to terrestrial ecosystems

13th—15th March 2006

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Jana E. Compton US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
William S. Currie University of Michigan
Bryan Dail University of Maine
Carla M. D'Antonio University of California, Santa Barbara
Howie Epstein University of Virginia
Christine L. Goodale Cornell University
Keri Holland University of California, Santa Barbara
Inger Kappel Schmidt Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
Michelle C. Mack University of Florida
Knute Nadelhoffer University of Michigan
Craig W. Osenberg University of Florida
Steve Perakis US Geological Survey (USGS)
Joshua P. Schimel University of California, Santa Barbara
Patrick Schleppi Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Research (WSL)
Neal Scott Queen's University
Martin Sommerkorn Macaulay Land Use Research Institute
John Spoelstra University of Waterloo
Pamela Templer University of California, Berkeley
Willem W. Wessel University of Amsterdam