Activity Participants

Working Group – Global trajectories of seagrasses: Establishing a quantitative basis for seagrass conservation and restoration

25th—30th October 2007

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Tim J. Carruthers University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
William C. Dennison University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Carlos M. Duarte Instituto Mediterraneo de Estudios Avanzados
James W. Fourqurean Florida International University
Kenneth L. Heck Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory
A. (Anne) Randall Hughes University of California, Davis
Gary A. Kendrick University of Western Australia
W. Judson Kenworthy National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Suzanne R. Livingstone Old Dominion University
Suzanne Olyarnik University of California, Davis
Robert J. Orth Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Frederick T. Short University of New Hampshire
Michelle Waycott James Cook University
Susan L. Williams University of California, Davis