Activity Participants

Working Group – Integrated history and future of people on Earth (IHOPE): Building a community data base and testing the resilience - sustainability hypothesis across scales

23rd—26th September 2009

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Steve Aulenbach National Ecological Observatory Network, Inc. (NEON)
Simon Brewer University of Wyoming
Michael Burek National Center for Atmospheric Research
David Christian
Cutler Cleveland Boston University
Sarah Cornell University of Bristol
Robert Costanza University of Vermont
Carole Crumley University of North Carolina
John Dearing University of Southampton
Carl Folke Stockholm University
Lisa J. Graumlich University of Arizona
Joel D. Gunn University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Michelle Hegmon Arizona State University
Kathy A. Hibbard National Center for Atmospheric Research
Stephen T. Jackson University of Wyoming
Ida Kubiszewski University of Vermont
Rik Leemans Wageningen University
Elinor Ostrom Indiana University
Charles Redman Arizona State University
Vernon Scarborough University of Cincinnati
David W. Schimel National Center for Atmospheric Research
Paul Sinclair Uppsala University
Sverker Sorlin Royal Institute of Technology
Will Steffen Australian National University
Sander E. van der Leeuw Arizona State University
Paul Warde University of East Anglia