Activity Participants

Working Group – Economic impacts of non-native forest pests and pathogens in North America (TNC)

23rd—27th March 2009

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Juliann E. Aukema The Nature Conservancy
Kerry O. Britton USDA Forest Service
Corey Chivers McGill University
Jeffrey E. Englin University of Nevada
Susan Frankel USDA Forest Service
Robert G. Haight USDA Forest Service
Thomas P. Holmes US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Peter Kareiva The Nature Conservancy
Kent F. Kovacs University of Nevada
Brian Leung McGill University
Andrew M. Liebhold USDA Forest Service
Frank Lowenstein The Nature Conservancy
Deborah G. McCullough Michigan State University
Amelia Nuding University of California, Santa Barbara
Erin Sills North Carolina State University
Thomas Stohlgren US Geological Survey (USGS)
Betsy Von Holle University of Central Florida