Activity Participants

Working Group – An interdisciplinary approach to advancing landscape genetics

19th—23rd October 2009

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Corey Anderson Arizona State University
Mark Dale University of Northern British Columbia
Bryan K. Epperson Michigan State University
Marie-Josée Fortin University of Toronto
Rolf Holderegger Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Research (WSL)
Patrick M. James University of Alberta
Pierre Legendre
Stephanie Manel
Jerome Mathieu University of California, Santa Barbara
Brad H. McRae The Nature Conservancy
Melanie A. Murphy Colorado State University
Hugh P. Possingham
Michael S. Rosenberg Arizona State University
Noah Rosenberg University of Michigan
Kim T. Scribner Michigan State University
Stephen Spear Washington State University
Andrew T. Storfer Washington State University
Lisette Waits University of Idaho