Activity Participants

Working Group – Cultural ecosystem services from marine and coastal systems: Counting the intangibles (EBM)

24th—26th August 2009

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Wiktor L. Adamowicz University of Alberta
Patricia Balvanera Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Xavier Basurto Indiana University
Ann Bostrom University of Washington
Gregory N. Bratman University of California, Santa Barbara
Kai M.A. Chan University of British Columbia
Ratana Chuenpagdee Memorial University of Newfoundland
Gretchen Daily Stanford University
Rachelle K. Gould Stanford University
Anne D. Guerry Stanford University
Benjamin S. Halpern University of California, Santa Barbara
Neil J.K. Hannahs Kamehameha Schools
Sarah C. Klain University of British Columbia
Jordan Levine University of British Columbia
Bryan Norton Georgia Institute of Technology
Mary Ruckelshaus NOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Roly Russell Oregon State University
Debra M. Satz Stanford University
Heather Tallis Stanford University
Ulalia Woodside Kamehameha Schools