Activity Participants

Working Group – Tropical coral reefs of the future: Modeling ecological outcomes from the analyses of current and historical trends

6th—9th July 2011

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Mehdi Adjeroud Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
Marissa L. Baskett University of California, Davis
Iliana B. Baums Pennsylvania State University
Ann F. Budd University of Iowa
Peter J. Edmunds California State University, Northridge
Amanda Fishbin
Erik Franklin University of Hawaii
Ruth D. Gates University of Hawaii
Kevin Gross North Carolina State University
Xueying Han University of California, Santa Barbara
Lianne Jacobson California State University, Northridge
Chandler Jennings
Sarah Kaufman
James S. Klaus University of Miami
Jennifer K. O'Leary University of California, Santa Barbara
Madeleine J.H. van Oppen Australian Institute of Marine Science
Robert van Woesik Florida Institute of Technology