Activity Participants

Working Group – Envisioning a sustainable global seafood market and restored marine ecosystems

29th—31st August 2011

NameEmail AddressInstitution
James Anderson University of Rhode Island
Molly D. Anderson Food Systems Integrity
Kristin Carden University of California, Santa Barbara
Larry B. Crowder Stanford University
Benjamin S. Halpern University of California, Santa Barbara
Ahmed Khan Memorial University of Newfoundland
Dane Klinger Stanford University
Joonkoo Lee Duke University
Ethan Lucas University of Washington
Raphael Sagarin University of Arizona
Kimberly A. Selkoe University of California, Santa Barbara
Geoffrey G. Shester Oceana
Dale Squires NOAA, Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Wilf Swartz University of British Columbia
Mary Turnipseed Duke University
Peter Tyedmers Dalhousie University