Activity Participants

Working Group – When is a mutualist a cheater? A synthesis of conceptual and data-based perspectives on the causes and consequences of variation in mutualist quality

10th—15th December 2012

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Michelle Afkhami University of California, Davis
Erol Akcay Princeton University
Judith L. Bronstein University of Arizona
Redouan Bshary Université de Neuchâtel
Kevin Foster University of Oxford
Megan Frederickson University of Toronto
Maren L. Friesen University of Southern California
Katy Heath University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Jason D. Hoeksema University of Mississippi
Emily I. Jones Washington State University
Josh Ness Skidmore College
Sabrina Pankey University of California, Santa Barbara
Stephanie S. Porter University of California, Berkeley
Joel L Sachs University of California, Riverside
Klara Scharnagl Florida International University
John J. Stachowicz University of California, Davis
Dylan Weese St. Ambrose University
Jimmy E Woodward Michigan State University