Activity Participants

Working Group – Venture: Understanding how land-use change impacts the dynamics of vector-borne and water borne infectious disease of humans and domestic livestock

9th—13th September 2013

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Marcella Alsan Harvard University
Andres Baeza University of Michigan
Nita Bharti Stanford University
Laura Bloomfield Stanford University
Matthew H. Bonds Harvard University
Giulio De Leo Stanford University
Andrew P. Dobson Princeton University
Christina Faust Princeton University
Thomas Gillespie Emory University
Nicole Gottdenker University of Georgia
Petra Klepac University of Cambridge
Eric Lambin Stanford University
Michael Levy University of Pennsylvania
Hamish McCallum Griffith University
Calistus Ngonghala University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Mercedes Pascual University of Michigan
Raina Plowright Pennsylvania State University
Andy Tatem Universty of Florida