Activity Participants

Working Group – SNAPP: Impacts of hydraulic fracturing on water quantity and quality for nature and people: Are we prepared for the future?

12th—14th May 2014

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Maria Alejandrina Alvarez The Nature Conservancy Argentina
Ann Arnold State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama
Sharon Baruch-Mordo The Nature Conservancy
Sally Entrekin University of Central Arkansas
Joseph E. Fargione The Nature Conservancy
Martin Funes Wildlife Conservation Society Argentina
Paul Jehn Ground Water Protection Council
Brigid Kenney Maryland Department of the Environment
Joseph M. Kiesecker The Nature Conservancy
Kate Konschnik Harvard University
Nathan Kuhnert Devon Energy
Kelly O Maloney US Geological Survey (USGS)
Jean Philippe Nicot University of Texas
Lauren Patterson Duke University
Robert Puls University of Oklahoma
Joseph N Ryan University of Colorado
James Saiers Yale University
Jim Tolisano Wildlife Conservation Society
Anne M. Trainor Yale University
Avner Vengosh Duke University
Hannah Wiseman Florida State University
Dan Yates Ground Water Protection Council