Activity Participants

Working Group – SNAPP: Prioritizing investments in green infrastructure to meet urban water security needs in Latin America

25th—26th February 2016

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Paul Bates University of Bristol
Gerry Galloway Water Resources Professional LLC
Joshua Goldstein The Nature Conservancy
Alan Hamlet
Wesley Highfield Texas A and M University
Jennifer Hoyle Yale University
Kris Johnson The Nature Conservancy
Guillaume Mauger University of Washington
Jensen Montambault The Nature Conservancy
Sarah Murdock The Nature Conservancy
Paul Osman Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Mark Smith The Nature Conservancy
Brian Stenquist Meeting Challenges
Eric Tate University of Iowa
Elizabeth Tellman Arizona State University
Molly Van Appledorn US Geological Survey (USGS)
Adrian Vogl Stanford University
Margaret A. Walls Resources for the Future
Larry Weber University of Iowa