Activity Participants

Workshop – Developing the conceptual basis for restoration biology

19th—21st April 1996

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Edith B. Allen University of California, Riverside
Michael F. Allen San Diego State University
Taber D. Allison Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
Richard F. Ambrose University of California, Los Angeles
Susan Bell University of South Florida
Stephen L. Buchmann Carl Hayden Bee Research Center
Andy Clewell A.F. Clewell, Incorporated
Coleen Cory The Nature Conservancy
W. W. Covington Northern Arizona University
Michael P. Crosby National Ocean Service
Clifford Dahm NSF Division of Environmental Biology
Frank W. Davis University of California, Santa Barbara
Joan Ehrenfeld State University of New Jersey, Rutgers
John J. Ewel Institute of Pacific Island Forestery
Donald A. Falk University of Wisconsin
Stan Gregory Oregon State University
William Halvorson University of Arizona
Steve Handel State University of New Jersey, Rutgers
John J. Helly San Diego Supercomputer Center
Karen Levy Environmental Defense Fund
James A. MacMahon Utah State University
William K. Michener Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center
Arlee Montalvo USDA Forest Service
Annette M. Olson University of Washington
Margaret A. Palmer University of Maryland
V. Thomas Parker San Francisco State University
N. LeRoy Poff Trout Unlimited
Richard Primack Boston University
O. J. Reichman US National Biological Service
Kevin Rice University of California, Davis
John Rieger California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS)
Rob Robichaux University of Arizona
Doug Ryan USDA Forest Service
Al Steuter The Nature Conservancy
Lou Toth South Florida Water Management
Robert Twilley University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Peter S. White University of North Carolina
Susan L. Williams San Diego State University