Activity Participants

Working Group – SNAPP: Ecological levers for health: Advancing a priority agenda for disease ecology and planetary health in the 21st century

11th—14th December 2018

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Matthew H. Bonds Harvard Medical School
Julia Buck University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Giulio De Leo Stanford University
Andrew P. Dobson Princeton University
Johanna Fornberg University of California, Santa Barbara
Andres Garchitorena Harvard Medical School
Skylar Hopkins University of California, Santa Barbara
Isabel Jones Hopkins Marine Station
Megan Kelso University of California, Los Angeles
Armand Kuris University of California, Santa Barbara
Laura Kwong Stanford University
Kevin D. Lafferty University of California, Santa Barbara
Sandra Laney Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Christopher LeBoa Stanford University
David Lopez-Carr University of California, Santa Barbara
Andrea Lund Stanford University
Andrew J. MacDonald Stanford University
Lisa A Mandle Stanford University
Erin A. Mordecai Stanford University
Nicole Nova Stanford University
Sarah Olson Wildlife Conservation Society
Alison Peel Griffith University
Raina Plowright Montana State University
Justin V. Remais University of California, Berkeley
Susanne H. Sokolow Stanford University
Gary Tabor Center for Large Landscape Conservation
Heather Tallis The Nature Conservancy
Chelsea L. Wood University of Washington