Activity Participants

Working Group – An Analysis of the Relationship between Productivity and Diversity using Experimental Results from the Long-Term Ecological Research Network

10th—16th September 1996

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Linda K. Blum University of Virginia
Scott L. Collins National Science Foundation
Stephen B. Cox Texas Tech University
Stanley I. Dodson University of Wisconsin
Laura Gough Louisiana State University
Katherine L. Gross Michigan State University
Jeff Herrick US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Glenn P. Juday University of Alaska
Michael Kaspari University of Oklahoma
Clarence L. Lehman University of Minnesota
Gary G. Mittelbach Michigan State University
John C. Moore University of Northern Colorado
Glenn Motzkin Harvard University
Craig W. Osenberg University of Florida
Robert R. Parmenter University of New Mexico
Michael L. Rosenzweig University of Arizona
Samuel M. Scheiner Arizona State University
P. Lee Turner University of Colorado
Maria Vernet University of California, San Diego
Robert B. Waide University of Puerto Rico
Bruce J. Wallace University of Georgia
Michael R. Willig Texas Tech University