Activity Participants

Working Group – HCP Report: The way forward

27th—28th April 1999

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Sandy J. Andelman University of California, Santa Barbara
Deborah M. Brosnan Sustainable Ecosystems Institute
James F. Bullock International Paper Company
Steven Courtney Sustainable Ecosystems Institute
Tim Cullinan National Audubon Society
Frank W. Davis University of California, Santa Barbara
Jim Erckmann Unknown
Maureen Frisch Simpson Investment Company
Jim Gaither The Nature Conservancy
Nancy Green USDA Forest Service
Richard Hannan US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)
Laura Hood Defenders of Wildlife
Patrick A. Kelly Endangered Species Recovery Program
Nathan Lichti Sustainable Ecosystems Institute
Ronald H. Pulliam University of Georgia
Sat Tamarabuchi Irvine Company
George Wilhere Washington Department of Natural Resources