Activity Participants

Workshop – Comparing large, infrequent disturbances: What have we learned?

19th—21st May 1996

NameEmail AddressInstitution
William L. Baker University of Wyoming
Robert Bell Yellowstone National Park
Virginia H. Dale Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Edwin H. Everham Radford University
David R. Foster Harvard University
Jerry F. Franklin University of Washington
Lee E. Frelich University of Minnesota
Edward A. Johnson University of Calgary
Dennis H. Knight University of Wyoming
Ariel Lugo Institute of Tropical Forestry, Puerto Rico
James A. MacMahon Utah State University
Max A. Moritz University of California, Santa Barbara
Robert T. Paine University of Washington
Robert K. Peet University of North Carolina
Chris J. Peterson University of Georgia
Steward T. Pickett Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
William H. Romme Fort Lewis College
Richard E. Sparks Illinois Natural History Survey
Mia Tegner University of California, San Diego
Monica G. Turner University of Wisconsin