Activity Participants

Working Group – Body size in ecology and paleoecology: Linking pattern and process across spatial, temporal and taxonomic scales

11th—17th July 1999

NameEmail AddressInstitution
John Alroy University of California, Santa Barbara
Catherine Badgley University of Michigan
James H. Brown University of New Mexico
Kathryn L. Cottingham Dartmouth College
John Damuth University of California, Santa Barbara
Tamar Dayan Tel Aviv University
William A. DiMichele Smithsonian Institution
Brian J. Enquist Santa Fe Institute
Edward J. Hackett Arizona State University
Elizabeth A. Hadly Stanford University
John P. Haskell University of New Mexico
David Jablonski University of Chicago
Dawn Kaufman University of California, Santa Barbara
Kathleen Lyons University of Chicago
Brian A. Maurer Michigan State University
Karl J. Niklas Cornell University
Warren P. Porter University of Wisconsin, Madison
Kaustuv Roy University of California, San Diego
Felisa A. Smith University of New Mexico
Bruce Tiffney University of California, Santa Barbara
Michael R. Willig Texas Tech University
Scott Wing Smithsonian Institution