Activity Participants

Workshop – Ecology and Economics

29th May—1st June 1996

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Sally Blower University of California, San Francisco
William Brock University of Wisconsin
Gardner M. Brown University of Washington
Graciela Chichilnisky Columbia University
Sean R. Connolly Stanford University
Lawrence Goulder Stanford University
Michael Hanemann University of California, Berkeley
Geoffrey Heal Columbia University
Charles Kolstad University of California, Santa Barbara
Daniel McFadden University of California, Berkeley
John McNamara University of Bristol
William W. Murdoch University of California, Santa Barbara
Stephen W. Pacala Princeton University
Charles Perrings University of York
Hugh P. Possingham University of Adelaide
Ronald H. Pulliam US National Biological Service
Joan Roughgarden Stanford University
David Starrett Stanford University
Roberton Williams Resources for the Future