Activity Participants

Working Group – The ecological and evolutionary dynamics of species' borders

16th—21st October 1997

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Tim M. Blackburn Imperial College, London, Silwood Park Campus
Ted Case University of California, San Diego
Marie-Josée Fortin Université de Montréal
Steven D. Gaines University of California, Santa Barbara
Richard Gomulkiewicz Washington State University
Robert D. Holt University of Kansas
Dawn Kaufman University of New Mexico
Tadeusz Kawecki University of Maryland
Timothy H. Keitt Santa Fe Institute
Joel G. Kingsolver University of Washington
Russell Lande University of Oregon
Mark A. Lewis University of Utah
Brian A. Maurer Brigham Young University
Mark A. McPeek Dartmouth College
Camille Parmesan University of California, Santa Barbara
A. Townsend Peterson University of Kansas
Raphael Sagarin University of California, Santa Barbara
Mark L. Taper Montana State University
Yaron Ziv University of Arizona