Activity Participants

Working Group – Theories for sustainable futures: Understanding and managing for resilience in human-ecological systems

15th May—1st June 2000

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Jim Addis Wisconsin Department of National Resources
Jeffery S. Allen Clemson University
Guy Barnett Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
T. Douglas Beard University of Wisconsin
Kristen Blann University of Minnesota
Pille Bunnell Life Works
Anirban Ganguly Indian Institute of Science
Lee Gass University of British Columbia
Lance H. Gunderson Emory University
Marieke Heemskerk University of Florida
Robert Hilderbrand Utah State University
Buzz Holling University of Florida
James Hutchins University of Wisconsin, Madison
Tim Lynam University of Zimbabwe
Garry Peterson University of California, Santa Barbara
Allyson Quinlan Conservation Ecology
April Randle University of Florida
Emmanuel Raufflet McGill University
Pawel Rowinski Polish Academy of Sciences
Maria Tengo Stockholm University
Adam Watts Emory University