Activity Participants

Meeting – Arctic Hydrology (Hosted by NCEAS)

18th—20th September 2000

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Carl Boggild Unknown
David Bromwich Ohio State University
David Brooks Texas A and M University
F. Stuart Chapin University of Alaska, Fairbanks
John Christensen National Science Foundation
Andrew Fountain Portland State University
Steve Frolking University of New Hampshire
Barry Goodison Environment Canada
Pavel Groisman University of Massachusetts
William Gutowski Iowa State University
Larry Hamilton University of New Hampshire
Larry Hinzman University of Alaska
Doug Kane University of Alaska
Yuji Kodama University of Alaska
Richard Lammers University of New Hampshire
Dennis P. Lettenmaier University of Washington
Glen E. Liston Colorado State University
Wieslaw Maslowski Naval Postgraduate School
John McNamara Boise State University
Jamie Morison University of Washington
Frederick Nelson University of Delaware
Bruce Peterson Ecosystems Center
Terry Prowse National Water Research Institute
Alan Robock State University of New Jersey, Rutgers
Vladimir Romanovsky University of Alaska
Mark Serreze University of Colorado, Boulder
Michael Steele University of Washington
Marc Stieglitz Columbia University
Matthew Sturm US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
James Syvitski University of Colorado, Boulder
Charles J. Vorosmarty University of New Hampshire
Valery Vuglinsky State Hydrological Institute
Robert Webb National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Cort Willmott University of Delaware