Activity Participants

Working Group – Phylogenies and community ecology

14th—16th March 2002

NameEmail AddressInstitution
David D. Ackerly Stanford University
James H. Brown University of New Mexico
Jeannine M. Cavender-Bares Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Robert K. Colwell University of Connecticut
Michael E. Dodd Open University
Michael J. Donoghue Yale University
Brian J. Enquist Arizona State University
Elizabeth A. Hadly Stanford University
Stephen Heard University of Iowa
Stephen P. Hubbell University of Georgia
Jonathan B. Losos Washington University in St. Louis
Irby J. Lovette Cornell University
Richard Mayden Saint Louis University
Mark A. McPeek Dartmouth College
Richard H. Ree University of California, Davis
Robert E. Ricklefs University of Missouri, St. Louis
Dolph Schluter University of British Columbia
Helen Steers Horniman Museum
Campbell O. Webb Yale University
Mark Westoby Macquarie University