Activity Participants

Working Group – Progressive nitrogen limitation of plant and ecosystem responses to elevated CO2

18th—21st June 2002

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Gregory P. Asner University of Colorado, Boulder
Aihua Bian University of Oklahoma
William S. Currie University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Jeffrey S. Dukes Carnegie Institution
Christopher B. Field Carnegie Institution
Adrien Finzi Boston University
Ueli Hartwig Institute of Plant Sciences
Bruce A. Hungate Northern Arizona University
Ilkka Leinonen University of Oklahoma
Yiqi Luo University of Oklahoma
Ross McMurtrie University of New South Wales
Belinda E. Medlyn University of New South Wales
Ram Oren Duke University
William J. Parton Colorado State University
Diane Pataki University of Utah
M. Rebecca Shaw Stanford University
Donald R. Zak University of Michigan