Activity Participants

Working Group – Energy and geographic variation in species richness

25th April—1st May 2002

NameEmail AddressInstitution
Howard V. Cornell University of Delaware
David J. Currie University of Ottawa
Richard Field University of Nottingham
Jean-Francois Guegan Centre d'Etude sur le Polymorphisme des Micro-Organismes, CEPM/UMR CNRS-ORSTOM 9926
Bradford A. Hawkins University of California, Irvine
Dawn Kaufman Kansas State University
Jeremy T. Kerr University of Oxford
Gary G. Mittelbach Michigan State University
Thierry Oberdorff Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle
Eileen M. O'Brien University of Wales
Eric Porter Miami University
Liz Ramirez University of California, Irvine
John R.G. Turner University of Leeds