NCEAS Portrait Gallery

Meet some of the individuals from our community of synthesizers through our regular NCEAS Portrait Q&A series.

Past and present postdocs, working group participants, programmatic leaders, resident scientists, and others share their stories about the value of synthesis science to deepening the understanding of our world, as well as to their own journeys.


Sparkle Malone on Learning Open Science to Solve Nature's Mysteries


Sarah Inman on What It Means to Be a Data Ethnographer




Eric Seabloom Digs Up Common Threads from Ecology's Grassroots

Julie Lowndes Wants the Force of Open Data Science to Be with You

Jane Carter Ingram Builds Social Capital for Natural Capital

Ted Schuur Connects the Arctic to Our Everyday Lives

Alaska's Exceptional Salmon
Data (Podcast)

Photographer Nicole Berry to Showcase True Faces of Science

Composer James Stephenson to Write a Symphony for Synthesis

Emily Vizzo to Connect People and Science through Language

The 2018 Ocean Health Index

Meghan Avolio Takes the Long View for Plants and People

How Synthesis Shapes Scientists Elizabeth Borer and John Drake

The Next Environmental Scientists are Data Scientists

Eric Ward Uses Economics to Analyze Ecosystems

Amber Budden, Open Science and Work-Life Balance Advocate

Lauren Hallett, Community-Minded Thinker for People and Plants

Stephanie Hampton, Data Synthesis Enthusiast


Jenna Jambeck, Trash Expert and People Junkie

Fiorenza Micheli, Systems Thinker for Oceans and Women Scientists

Eric Sokol Fosters Community through Studying Metacommunities

Jensen Montambault, a Voyager in Conservation Science

Craig Groves on Bridging Conservation Science and Practice

Skylar Hopkins, Parasite Ecologist, Blogger and Caver


Artist Elkpen on the Intersection of Art and Science

Will McClintock and Grace Goldberg on Collaborative Science