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NCEAS offers a planned program of professional development activities in addition to many opportunities for informal learning and participation in Working Groups. Presentations and classes include a Career Development Series, a Media Training Series, community events, and technical training.

Career Development Series

Guest lectures support Postdoctoral Associates in their professional development:

  • Preparing academic job application packets
  • Interviewing
  • Negotiating
  • Grants/proposals
  • Publishing
  • NGO Careers
  • Dual Career Couples

Media Training Series/Public Understanding of Science

NCEAS presents a series to assist scientists in communicating with the media. Journalists from National Public Radio, the Aldo Leopold Institute, Wired Magazine, and local media present talks on how the media works, how to conduct interviews and how to prepare clear, accessible, media-ready messages. Sessions include:

  • Radio Reporting in Science/David Malakoff, National Public Radio
  • Media, Part I: Working with Journalists from Popular Media/Nancy Baron, Aldo Leopold Leadership Program, and SeaWeb/COMPASS; and Anna Davidson, local science journalist.
  • Media, Part II: Scientific Publications/ Nancy Baron, Aldo Leopold Leadership Program, and SeaWeb/COMPASS
  • Communicating Science Visually/Bill Dennison, Integration & Application Network
  • Nature, Journalism and the Web/Brad Stenger, Wired Magazine
  • Science and Journalism/Nancy Baron, Aldo Leopold Leadership Program, and SeaWeb/COMPASS; Anna Davidson, local science journalist; and Michael Todd, Online Editor,
  • Communicating Science/Radio Journalism/Lance Orozco, News Director, KCLU Public Radio

To support media training, NCEAS has compiled a list of resources for communicating and promoting the public understanding of science.


Outreach Opportunities

NCEAS also provides a variety of outreach opportunities to resident Postdoctoral Associates.


Community Events

Roundtable group shot

  • NCEAS Roundtable is an informal roundtable discussion of current research pursuits with NCEAS, UCSB, or visiting scientists.
  • Discussions generally take place Wed. 12:15 - 1:15 or Fri. 4 -5 each week.
  • Sign up to receive NCEAS Roundtable announcements.  We will send out notifications of upcoming discussions approximately two weeks in advance. A calendar is also available.


Technical Training Workshops and Scientific Computing Short Courses

Each year, NCEAS sponsors at least two training workshops for Postdoctoral Associates and other interested professionals and students:

  • NCEAS trains Postdoctoral Associates in the use of ecoinformatics tools that have been developed through NCEAS collaborative projects, such as Morpho and Kepler.
  • NCEAS Postdoctoral Associates choose a workshop that will provide training in tools of general interest to the group, such as analysis of multivariate time series.

The Center's Scientific Computing Staff offers multi-session short courses that provide instruction in analytic methods and computer software tools.

NCEAS also offers "Crunch Lunch", an informal lunchtime gathering of NCEAS scientists who wish to share their practical experience in computational ecology methods.  In each session a current NCEAS scientist describes a specific computational methods issue in his or her research, and the group explores alternative solutions.

More Technical Training Opportunities