Coral reef degradation: Determining the relative role of top-down and bottom-up factors in the global decline of coral reefs

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Jennifer E. Smith

Coral reef ecosystems are among the most diverse and highly productive ecosystems on the planet yet are currently threatened by a number of natural and anthropogenic factors (Connell 1978, Hughes et al. 2003, Bellwood et al. 2004). Regardless of the cause, reef degradation generally results in an irreversible phase-shift from dominance by reef-building coral to dominance by fleshy macroalgae (Petraitis and Dudgeon 2004). These shifts are believed to be irreversible and lead to communities that are less diverse and much less complex. While a number... more

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Postdoctoral Fellow1st October 2005—30th June 2008Participant List  

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Jennifer E. Smithsmithj@ucsd.eduUniversity of Hawaii, M?noa

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TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
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