Optimal design of population monitoring programs

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David M. Marsh

Population monitoring data are critical for identifying threatened, recovering, or invasive species and for modeling population dynamics. The ultimate value of monitoring data, however, is highly dependent on the quality of the monitoring program. While numerous studies have evaluated the power of monitoring programs for specific populations, few general rules exist for how to optimally allocate monitoring effort. The optimal allocation of monitoring effort should depend on general characteristics of a species¿¿¿ life-history (e.g. fecundity... more

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Sabbatical Fellow10th November 2006—9th August 2007Participant List  

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David M. Marshmarshd@wlu.eduWashington and Lee University

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Journal Article Marsh, David M.; Trenham, Peter C. 2008. Current trends in plant and animal population monitoring. Conservation Biology. Vol: 22. Pages 647-655. (Online version)
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