Synthesizing and analyzing complex ecological networks with ecoinformatics

Principal Investigators:

Neo Martinez

As research on food webs and other complex ecological networks advance, the difficulty of accessing increasingly abundant information about these networks forms a greater impediment to understanding their structure and dynamics. Beyond access, there is also a greater need to increase the ease and sophistication of analyzing these networks once the information is obtained. Fortunately, the advances in general network science, especially those in biological networks, and associated informatics provide many rich opportunities to increase our ability... more

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Sabbatical Fellow4th December 2006—3rd December 2007Participant List  

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Neo Martinezneo@peacelab.netPacific Ecoinformatics and Computational Ecology Lab

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Dunne, Jennifer A.; Williams, Richard J.; Martinez, Neo; Wood, Rachel A.; Erwin, Douglas. 2008. Compilation and network analyses of cambrian food webs. PLoS Biology. Vol: 6(4). Pages 693-708. (Online version)
Journal Article Lafferty, Kevin D.; Allesina, Stefano; Arim, Matias; Briggs, Cheryl J.; De Leo, Giulio; Dobson, Andrew P.; Dunne, Jennifer A.; Johnson, Pieter; Kuris, Armand; Marcogliese, David J.; Martinez, Neo; Memmott, Jane; Marquet, Pablo A.; McLaughlin, John; Mordecai, Erin A.; Pascual, Mercedes; Poulin, Robert; Thieltges, David. 2008. Parasites in food webs: The ultimate missing links. Ecology Letters. Vol: 11. Pages 533-546. (Online version)
Data Set Martinez, Neo. 2007. PEaCE Lab description. (Online version)
Journal Article Srinivasan, U. Thara; Dunne, Jennifer A.; Harte, John; Martinez, Neo. 2007. Response of complex food webs to realistic extinction sequences. Ecology. Vol: 88(3). Pages 671-682. (Online version)
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