Ushering in a new era of functional ecology: Dynamics in a changing environment

Principal Investigators:

Elsa E. Cleland, Scott L. Collins, and Katharine N. Suding

This distributed graduate seminar will engage graduate students in asking fundamental questions about the linkages among environmental change, niche-based functional traits and threshold/divergence dynamics in community structure. Plant functional traits are increasingly being utilized in an effort to generalize species and ecosystem responses to environmental changes, as well as to address fundamental questions in evolutionary ecology. They also present a tool to discern niche or deterministic, convergence, and divergence, and stochastic dynamics... more

Participants and Meetings

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Meeting14th—15th November 2007Participant List  
Meeting27th—31st March 2008Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

David D. Ackerlydackerly@berkeley.eduUniversity of California, Berkeley
Daniel E. Bunkerdeb37@columbia.eduColumbia University
Elsa E. Clelandecleland@ucsd.eduUniversity of California, San Diego
Scott L. Collinsscollins@sevilleta.unm.eduUniversity of New Mexico
Steven C. Penningsscpennin@central.uh.eduUniversity of Houston
Katharine N. Sudingsuding@colorado.eduUniversity of California, Irvine
Tiffany Troxlertroxlert@fiu.eduFlorida International University
Rebecca Aicherraicher@uci.eduUniversity of California, Irvine
Alejandra Carvajalalejacar@unm.eduUniversity of New Mexico
Scott A. Chamberlainscott@ropensci.orgRice University
Leah J. Goldsteingoldstel@uci.eduUniversity of California, Irvine
Greg Kochgkoch001@fiu.eduFlorida International University
Nathan J.B. Kraftnkraft@umd.eduUniversity of California, Berkeley
Jason Kreitlerjkreitler@bren.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
David LeBauerdlebauer@uci.eduUniversity of California, Irvine
Emily Marquardtmsclone@aol.comUniversity of Houston
Susan K. McIlroysmcilroy@nature.berkeley.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Nicholas Mirotchnicknm2366@columbia.eduColumbia University
Jay Munyonjmuny001@fiu.eduFlorida International University
Jordan G. Okiejokie@unm.eduUniversity of New Mexico
Todd Osmundsontwo2102@columbia.eduColumbia University
Brody of California, Berkeley
Michal I. Shuldmanmishuldman@berkeley.eduUniversity of California, Berkeley
Marko Spasojevicmspaso@gmail.comUniversity of California, Irvine

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Collins, Scott L.; Koerner, Sarah E.; Plaut, Jennifer A.; Okie, Jordan G.; Brese, Daniel; Calabrese, Laura B.; Carvajal, Alejandra; Evansen, Ryan J.; Nonaka, Etsuko. 2012. Stability of tallgrass prairie during a 19-year increase in growing season precipitation. Functional Ecology. Vol: 26. Pages 1450-1459. (Online version)
Journal Article Guo, Hongyu; Chamberlain, Scott A.; Elhaik, Eran; Jalli, Inder; Lynes, Alana-Rose; Marczak, Laurie; Sabath, Niv; Vargas, Amy; Więski, Kazimierz; Zelig, Emily M; Pennings, Steven C. 2015. Geographic variation in plant community structure of salt marshes: Species, functional and phylogenetic perspectives. PLoS ONE. Vol: 10(5). Pages e0127781. (Online version)
Presentations Koerner, Christian. 2008. Plant functional traits and community responses in a changing environment. ESA Meeting, 2008.
Journal Article Sandel, Brody; Goldstein, Leah J.; Kraft, Nathan J.B.; Okie, Jordan G.; Shuldman, Michal I.; Ackerly, David D.; Cleland, Elsa E.; Suding, Katharine N. 2010. Contrasting trait responses in plant communities to experimental and geographic variation in precipitation. New Phytologist. Vol: 188. Pages 565-575. (Online version)
Journal Article Spasojevic, Marko; Aicher, Rebecca; Koch, Greg; Marquardt, Emily; Mirotchnick, Nicholas; Troxler, Tiffany; Collins, Scott L. 2010. Fire and grazing in a mesic tallgrass prairie: Impacts on plant species and functional traits. Ecology. Vol: 91. Pages 1651-1659. (Online version)
"Ushering in a new era of functional ecology: Dynamics in a changing environment" is project ID: 12070