Slow systems and complex data-sets: Multi-decade permanent plots permit address of recalcitrant questions about late-successional forests

Principal Investigators:

Kerry D. Woods

Long-standing (and often conflicting) hypotheses about processes in late-successional forest communities remain effectively untested because existing data-sets are inadequate for analysis of very slow processes. Usual approaches are of limited power because they employ assumption laden indirect methods or data-sets of low precision and resolution. Large, multi-decade, spatially explicit data from systems of permanent plots in old-growth forests in Michigan afford the potential for rigorous address of a range of important but recalcitrant questions.... more

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Sabbatical Fellow10th November 2008—30th April 2009Participant List  

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Kerry D. Woodskwoods@bennington.eduBennington College

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TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
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Data Set Woods, Kerry D. 2009. Multi-decade, spatially explicit population studies of canopy dynamics in Michigan old-growth forests. Ecology. Vol: 90(12). Pages 3587.
Journal Article Woods, Kerry D.; Hicks, David J.; Schultz, Jan. 2012. Losses in understory diversity over three decades in an old-growth cool-temperate forest in Michigan, USA. Canadian Journal of Forest Research-Revue Canadienne de Recherche Forestier. Vol: 42. Pages 532-549. (Online version)
Data Set Woods, Kerry D. 2012. Multi-decade population studies of Michigan old-growth forests. (Online version)
Presentations Woods, Kerry D. 2013. Demographic responses to a severe disturbance in an old-growth northern hardwood forest. Ecological Society of America annual meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 6 Aug 2013.
"Slow systems and complex data-sets: Multi-decade permanent plots permit address of recalcitrant questions about late-successional forests" is project ID: 12218