Synthesizing ecosystem development data in a theoretical framework to understand transitions from nitrogen limitation to colimitation to phosphorus limitation

Principal Investigators:

Duncan N. Menge

The ability of ecosystems to sequester carbon (C) and help mitigate climate change depends on which factors limit C uptake into vegetation. It is increasingly clear that nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) play critical roles in regulating C uptake, and forests tend to transition from N limitation to colimitation to P limitation as they develop from bare ground. However, at present there is no theoretical framework that determines the conditions under which each resource limits production, or when transitions between the different states should occur.... more

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Postdoctoral Fellow11th August 2008—27th August 2010Participant List  

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Duncan N. Mengedm2972@columbia.eduPrinceton University

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TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
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"Synthesizing ecosystem development data in a theoretical framework to understand transitions from nitrogen limitation to colimitation to phosphorus limitation" is project ID: 12276