Monarch butterflies as a model for understanding the spatiotemporal dynamics of migratory species and their response to environmental change

Principal Investigators:

Sonia Altizer, Karen S. Oberhauser, and Leslie Ries

Each year, North American monarch butterflies undergo a spectacular two-way migration from breeding locations in Canada and the US to overwintering sites in Mexico. Throughout their annual cycle, monarchs utilize habitats in three different countries and require strikingly different resources and habitats at each life stage. Like other migratory animals, this shifting spatial distribution poses challenges for identifying key determinants of monarch population dynamics and assessing their conservation status. Monarchs are an incredibly popular... more

Participants and Meetings

Working Group Participants
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Working Group9th—13th April 2010Participant List  
Working Group18th—22nd October 2010Participant List  
Working Group17th—22nd May 2011Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Sonia Altizersaltizer [at] uga.eduUniversity of Georgia
Becky Bartelbecky.bartel [at] gmail.comNorth Carolina State University
Rebecca V. Bataldensmit2007 [at] umn.eduUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
James Battinbattinjames [at] gmail.comUnknown
Lincoln Browerbrower [at] sbc.eduSweet Briar College
Andrew Davisakdavis [at] uga.eduUniversity of Georgia
Erica Fleishmanefleishman [at] ucdavis.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Dennis Freydfrey [at] calpoly.eduCalifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Elizabeth Howardehoward [at] journeynorth.orgJourney North
Nathan P. Nibbelinknate [at] warnell.uga.eduUniversity of Georgia
Karen S. Oberhauseroberh001 [at] umn.eduUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
A. Townsend Petersontown [at] ku.eduUniversity of Kansas
Eduardo Rendonerendon [at] wwfmex.orgWorld Wildlife Fund Mexico
Leslie Rieslries [at] umd.eduUniversity of Maryland, College Park
Monte P. Sanfordmonte.sanford [at] gmail.comEchoHawk Law Offices
Orley R. Taylorchip [at] ku.eduUniversity of Kansas
Elise Zipkinezipkin [at] usgs.govUS Geological Survey (USGS)
Kelly Nailnailx005 [at] umn.eduUniversity of Minnesota
Louie H. Yanglhyang [at] ucdavis.eduUniversity of California, Davis

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Altizer, Sonia; Bartel, Becky; Han, Barbara A. 2011. Animal migration and infectious disease risk. Science. Vol: 331(6015). Pages 296-302. (Online version)
Journal Article Diamond, Sarah E.; Cayton, Heather; Wepprich, Tyson; Jenkins, Clinton; Dunn, Robert; Haddad, Nick; Ries, Leslie. 2014. Unexpected phenological responses of butterflies to the interaction of urbanization and geographic temperature. Ecology. Vol: 95(9). Pages 2613-2621.
Journal Article John, Pleasants M.; Oberhauser, Karen S. 2012. Milkweed loss in agricultural fields because of herbicide use: effect on the monarch butterfly population. Insect Conservation and Diversity. Vol: 6. Pages 135-144. (Online version)
Journal Article Zipkin, Elise; Ries, Leslie; Reeves, Rick; Regetz, Jim; Oberhauser, Karen S. 2012. Tracking climate impacts on the migratory monarch butterfly. Global Change Biology. (Online version)
"Monarch butterflies as a model for understanding the spatiotemporal dynamics of migratory species and their response to environmental change" is project ID: 12502