Fire as a Global Ecological Disturbance

Principal Investigators:

Max A. Moritz

Fire affects a variety of biophysical patterns and processes, but we generally lack an understanding of fire’s ecological influence at broad scales. Two key issues highlight this knowledge gap: 1) Fire is certain to alter species distributions as global climate change progresses, yet most models of how species ranges may shift overlook this important ecological disturbance; and 2) Analyses of existing biodiversity patterns, especially from continental to global scales, typically ignore the possible influence of fire. To address these issues, my... more

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Journal Article Batllori, Enric; Ackerly, David D.; Moritz, Max A. 2015. A minimal model of fire-vegetation feedbacks and disturbance stochasticity generates alternative stable states in grassland-shrubland-woodlands systems. Environmental Research Letters. Vol: 10. Pages 034018. (Abstract) (Online version)
Journal Article Moritz, Max A.; Parisien, Marc-Andre; Batllori, Enric; Krawchuk, Meg A.; Van Dorn, Jeff; Ganz, David; Hayhoe, Katharine. 2012. Climate change and disruptions to global fire activity. Ecosphere. Vol: 3(6). Pages art49-art49. (Online version)
Journal Article Moritz, Max A.; Batllori, Enric; Bradstock, Ross A.; Gill, Malcolm; Handmer, John; Hessburg, Paul F.; Leonard, Justin; McCaffrey, Sarah; Odion, Dennis C.; Schoennagel, Tania; Syphard, Alexandra D. 2014. Learning to coexist with wildfire. Nature. Vol: 515. Pages 58-66. (Online version)
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