Community ecology in transition

Principal Investigators:

Gary G. Mittelbach

I propose to spend five months of my upcoming sabbatical leave at NCEAS working on two projects. My primary goal during this sabbatical is to complete a graduate-level text in Community Ecology (currently, about 60% written). I believe NCEAS is an ideal setting for this work. The stimulating intellectual environment of NCEAS, with its excellent cadre of resident postdoctoral fellows, sabbatical fellows, and visiting scientists, will provide unparalleled exposure to the latest ideas in ecology, as well as the opportunity to get broad feedback on... more

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Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Book Mittelbach, Gary G. 2012. Community Ecology. Sinauer Associates, Inc.. Pages 1-400. (Online version)
Presentations Mittelbach, Gary G. 2012. Keynote Speaker. 19th Annual Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Spring Symposium, Iowa State University, Iowa, January 2012.
Presentations Mittelbach, Gary G. 2012. Saving a Changing World: Ecology in the Public Eye. Graduate Student Sponsored Seminar Series, Saving a Changing World: Ecology in the Public Eye, Pennsylvania State University, PA, March 2012 .
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