Natural history from decline to rebirth

Principal Investigators:

Joshua Tewksbury

Declines in natural history are reported in research, in education, and in childhood and adult experience. At the same time, the need for natural history information is in greater demand than ever before. Declines in natural history may have far reaching consequences, potentially reducing progress across the natural sciences, changing how we view and understand the world, and limiting the tools we have to plan for the future, and yet there is a paucity of data‐driven evaluations exploring changes in natural history in research, education, and... more

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Sabbatical Fellow1st September 2010—30th June 2011Participant List  

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Joshua Tewksburyjosh.tewksbury@futureearth.orgUniversity of Washington

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Journal Article Tewksbury, Joshua; Anderson, John G.T.; Bakker, John D.; Billo, Timothy J; Dunwiddie, Peter W; Groom, Martha; Hampton, Stephanie E.; Herman, Steven G; Levey, Douglas J.; Machnicki, Noelle J; Martinez del Rio, Carlos; Power, Mary E.; Rowell, Kirsten; Salomon, Anne; Stacey, Liam; Trombulak, Stephen C.; Wheeler, Terry A. 2014. Natural history's place in science and society. BioScience. Vol: 64(4). Pages 300-310. (Online version)
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