Toads, roads, and nodes: Collaborative course-based research on the landscape ecology of amphibian populations

Principal Investigators:

David M. Marsh, and Stephanie E. Hampton

We propose to link networks of undergraduate ecology and conservation biology courses to study the factors that promote the persistence of amphibian populations at landscape and regional scales. Using existing data from the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program (NAAMP) and satellite imagery from Google Earth, students in 10 classes will relate the presence/absence of amphibian species in their own state or region to landscape features such as forest cover, road density, and urbanization. Representatives from each class will then bring their... more

Participants and Meetings

Working Group Participants
ActivityDatesFurther Information
Meeting5th—8th April 2013Participant List  
Distributed Graduate Seminar11th—13th April 2014Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Joseph J Apodacajapodaca@warren-wilson.eduWarren Wilson College
Christopher Bateschristopherlbates@gmail.comUniversity of South Carolina, Salkehatchie
Jessica Beachbeachjl@clarkson.eduClarkson University
Karen H. Beardkaren.beard@usu.eduUtah State University
Kelsie Becklinbeckkels@yahoo.comAnoka-Ramsey Community College
Jane Margaret Belljbell@warren-wilson.eduWarren Wilson College
Brad Cosentinocosentino@hws.eduHobart and William Smith College
Chris Crockettcrockettcd@vcu.eduVirginia Commonwealth University
George Fawsongeorge.fawson@aggiemail.usu.eduUtah State University
Jennifer Fjelstedfjelstedja@vcu.eduVirginia Commonwealth University
Elizabeth A. Forysforysea@eckerd.eduEckerd College
Kristen GenetKristen.Genet@anokaramsey.eduAnoka-Ramsey Community College
Melanie Elizabeth Grovermgrover@warren-wilson.eduWarren Wilson College
Jaimie Holmesjaimie_holmes@my.uri.eduUniversity of Rhode Island
Katherine Indeckklindeck@eckerd.eduEckerd College
Kara Joneskcurtain@masonlive.gmu.eduGeorge Mason University
Nancy Karrakernkarraker@mail.uri.eduUniversity of Rhode Island
Eran of South Carolina, Salkehatchie
Tom A. Langentlangen@clarkson.eduClarkson University
David M. Marshmarshd@wlu.eduWashington and Lee University
Alessandro Molinamolinaa@vcu.eduVirginia Commonwealth University
Stephen Mugelstephen.mugel@hws.eduHobart and William Smith College
James R. Voneshjrvonesh@vcu.eduVirginia Commonwealth University
Ryan Weaverweaverrj@mymail.vcu.eduVirginia Commonwealth University
Linda A. Weirlweir@usgs.govUS Geological Survey (USGS) Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Anisha Willeyanishawilley@aggiemail.usu.eduUtah State University
Christine Bozarthcbozarth@nvcc.eduNorthern Virginia Community College
Derrick Carperdcarper1@my.anokaramsey.eduAnoka-Ramsey Community College
Julie Charbonniercharbonnierj@vcu.eduVirginia Commonwealth University
Andreia Dantasandreiafdantas@outlook.comNorthern Virginia Community College
Miranda Fosterfostermj2@vcu.eduVirginia Commonwealth University
Jaquelyn Generaljgeneral1@my.anokaramsey.eduAnoka-Ramsey Community College
Macie Hannekenmehannek@eckerd.eduEckerd College
Kyle Hesskyle_hess@my.uri.eduUniversity of Rhode Island
Shane Hillcoda.rossa64@gmail.comUtah State University
Faisal Iqbalfaisaliqbal018@gmail.comNorthern Virginia Community College
James of South Carolina, Salkehatchie
Katherine Lauerlauerkr@clarkson.eduClarkson University
Alison McCarthyalison.mccarthy@hws.eduHobart and William Smith College
Joseph Nealenealejt@mymail.vcu.eduVirginia Commonwealth University
Saumya Patelpatels17@mail.wlu.eduWashington and Lee University
Austin Pattonapatton@warren-wilson.eduWarren Wilson College
Cherie Southwickcsouthwick@warren-wilson.eduWarren Wilson College
Nathaniel Stearrettstearrettnt@vcu.eduVirginia Commonwealth University
Nick Steijnnicholas.steijn@hws.eduHobart and William Smith College
Mohammad Tasleemmjt2496@email.vccs.eduNorthern Virginia Community College
Joseph Taylortaylorj15@mail.wlu.eduWashington and Lee University

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Cosentino, Brad; Marsh, David M.; Jones, Kara; Apodaca, Joseph J; Bates, Christopher; Beach, Jessica; Beard, Karen H.; Becklin, Kelsie; Bell, Jane Margaret; Crockett, Chris; Fawson, George; Fjelsted, Jennifer; Forys, Elizabeth A.; Genet, Kristen; Grover, Melanie Elizabeth; Holmes, Jaimie; Indeck, Katherine; Karraker, Nancy; Kilpatrick, Eran; Langen, Tom A.; Mugel, Stephen; Molina, Alessandro; Vonesh, James R.; Weaver, Ryan; Willey, Anisha. 2014. Citizen science reveals widespread negative effects of roads on amphibian distributions. Biological Conservation. Vol: 180. Pages 31-38. (Online version)
Journal Article Marsh, David M.; Cosentino, Brad; Jones, Kara; Apodaca, Joseph J; Beard, Karen H.; Bell, Jane Margaret; Bozarth, Christine; Carper, Derrick; Charbonnier, Julie; Dantas, Andreia; Forys, Elizabeth A.; Foster, Miranda; General, Jaquelyn; Genet, Kristen; Hanneken, Macie; Hess, Kyle; Hill, Shane; Iqbal, Faisal; Karraker, Nancy; Kilpatrick, Eran; Langen, Tom A.; Langford, James; Lauer, Katherine; McCarthy, Alison; Neale, Joseph; Patel, Saumya; Patton, Austin; Southwick, Cherie; Stearrett, Nathaniel; Steijn, Nick; Tasleem, Mohammad; Taylor, Joseph; Vonesh, James R. 2017. Effects of roads and land use on frog distributions across spatial scales and regions in the Eastern and Central United States. Diversity and Distributions. Vol: 23. (Abstract) (Online version)
"Toads, roads, and nodes: Collaborative course-based research on the landscape ecology of amphibian populations" is project ID: 12658