Venture: Understanding how land-use change impacts the dynamics of vector-borne and water borne infectious disease of humans and domestic livestock

Principal Investigators:

Andrew P. Dobson, Nita Bharti, and Matthew H. Bonds

Land-use change is rapidly converting forests and savannas into ‘anthro-habitat’: land whose primary focus is the production of agriculture, or other goods and services of direct benefit to the human economy. This conversion significantly alters the interactions between the environment, disease vector species, and populations of humans and domestic livestock. The resulting changes in the infection dynamics of many vector- and water-borne disease systems lead to new opportunities for pathogen infections and only occasionally steer the dynamics... more

Participants and Meetings

Working Group Participants
ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group9th—13th September 2013Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Marcella Alsanmalsan@fas.harvard.eduHarvard University
Andres Baezaabaezac@umich.eduUniversity of Michigan
Nita Bhartinita@psu.eduStanford University
Laura Bloomfieldlaura.bloomfield@gmail.comStanford University
Matthew H. Bondsmhbonds@gmail.comHarvard University
Giulio De Leodeleo@stanford.eduStanford University
Andrew P. Dobsondobber@princeton.eduPrinceton University
Christina Faustcfaust@princeton.eduPrinceton University
Thomas GillespieThomas.gillespie@emory.eduEmory University
Nicole Gottdenkergottdenk@gmail.comUniversity of Georgia
Petra of Cambridge
Eric Lambinelambin@stanford.eduStanford University
Michael Levymzlevy@gmail.comUniversity of Pennsylvania
Hamish University
Calistus Ngonghalacnngonghala@nimbios.orgUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville
Mercedes Pascualpascual@umich.eduUniversity of Michigan
Raina Plowrightrplowright@gmail.comPennsylvania State University
Andy TatemAndy.Tatem@gmail.comUniversty of Florida

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Faust, Christina; McCallum, Hamish; Bloomfield, Laura; Gottdenker, Nicole; Gillespie, Thomas; Torney, Colin J.; Dobson, Andrew P.; Plowright, Raina. 2018. Pathogen spillover during land conversion. Ecology Letters. (Abstract) (Online version)
Journal Article McFarlane, Rosemary; Sleigh, Adrian; McMichael, Anthony. 2013. Land-Use Change and Emerging Infectious Disease on an Island Continent. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Vol: 10. Pages 2699-2719. (Online version)
"Venture: Understanding how land-use change impacts the dynamics of vector-borne and water borne infectious disease of humans and domestic livestock" is project ID: 12667