SNAPP: Integrating natural defenses into coastal disaster risk reduction

Principal Investigators:

Michael W. Beck, and Jane Carter Ingram

The world’s coastal zones are changing rapidly and their rate of change is predicted to increase from coastal development and climate change; both of which will dramatically increase risks of catastrophic damage to coastal communities. Already, the proportion of the world’s GDP annually exposed to tropical cyclones has increased from 3.6 % in the 1970s to 4.3 % in the first decade of the 2000s (UNISDR 2011). In 2011, insured losses from natural disasters (especially coastal and riverine hazards) reached an all-time high and impacts will continue... more

Participants and Meetings

Working Group Participants
ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group28th—30th October 2013Participant List  
Working Group22nd—24th April 2014Participant List  
Working Group21st—23rd October 2014Participant List  
Working Group14th—15th April 2015Participant List  
Working Group18th—20th April 2016Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Michael W. Beckmbeck@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Jessica Couturecouture@nceas.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
LeeAnne Frenchfrench@nceas.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Judy Hanerjhaner@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Jane Carter Ingramjane.ingram@ey.comWildlife Conservation Society
Jim Jarviejjarvie@hq.mercycorps.orgMercy Corps
Stacy D. Jupitersjupiter@wcs.orgWildlife Conservation Society
Jaap C.J. Kwadijkjaap.kwadijk@deltares.nlDeltares
Robert Lalaszrlalasz@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Glenn-Marie Langeglange1@worldbank.orgWorld Bank
Caleb McClennencmcclennen@wcs.orgWildlife Conservation Society
Imèn Melianeimeliane@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Siddharth Narayansidnarayan@ucsc.eduUniversity of Southampton
Borja Regueroborja_reguero@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Fabrice Renaudrenaud@ehs.unu.eduUnited Nations University
Inigo Losada J. Rodriguezinigo.losada@unican.esInstituto de Hidráulica Ambiental de Cantabria
Cristina M. Rumbaitis del RioCRumbaitisdelrio@rockfound.orgRockefeller Foundation
James N. Sanchiricojsanchirico@ucdavis.eduUniversity of California, Davis
Bregje van Wesenbeeckbregje.vanwesenbeeck@deltares.nlDeltares
Montserrat Acosta-Morelmacosta-morel@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Eron Bloomgardenebloomgarden@encouragecapital.comEKO Asset Management Partners
David Breschdavid_bresch@swissre.comSwiss Re
Mark A. of California, Santa Barbara
Christina ChanChanC1@state.govUS Department of State
Carolina Aguirre Echeverricarolina.aguirre@TNC.ORGTufts University
Guillermo FrancoGuillermo.E.Franco@guycarp.comGuy Carpenter
Nigel PonteeNigel.Pontee@ch2m.comCH2M HILL
Vera N. Agostinivera.agostini@fao.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Todd Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Kelly A. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Fernando Secairafsecaira@TNC.ORGThe Nature Conservancy
Ashley A. Gearyashley.anna.geary@gmail.comWildlife Conservation Society
Sarah Murdocksmurdock@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Paul S. Wilsonpaul.wilson@rms.comRisk Management Solutions, Inc.
Katie Arkemakarkema@stanford.eduNatural Capital Project
Craig Grovescraig_groves@tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Anne D. Guerryanne.guerry@stanford.eduStanford University
Dania Trespalaciosdania.trespalacios@TNC.ORGThe Nature Conservancy

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
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Report or White Paper Beck, Michael W.; Pontee, Nigel. 2015. Coastal risk reduction: Integrating natural defenses into a sustainable coastal rick management framework. (Abstract)
Presentations Beck, Michael W.; Narayan, Siddharth; Sanchirico, James N. 2015. Ecology, economics, and engineering of nature-based coastal defenses. AAAS 2015 Annual Meeting; San Jose, CA; February 2015. (Abstract)
Report or White Paper Beck, Michael W.; Lange, Glenn-Marie. 2015. Guidelines for coastal and marine ecosystem accounting: Incorporating the protective service values of coral reefs and mangroves in national wealth accounts. (Abstract)
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Report or White Paper Narayan, Siddharth; Cuthbert, Richard J.; Neale, Ezra; Humpheries, W.; Ingram, Jane Carter. 2015. Protecting against coastal hazards in Manus and New Ireland provinces Papua New Guinea: An assessment of present and future options. WCS PNG Technical Report.
Presentations Narayan, Siddharth; Beck, Michael W.; Reguero, Borja; Ingram, Jane Carter. 2015. Reviewing the evidence for risk reduction by natural coastal habitats world-wide: When and where they have worked. 36th IAHR World Congress: Deltas of the Future; The Hague, Netherlands; June 2015. (Abstract)
Report or White Paper Narayan, Siddharth; Beck, Michael W.; Wilson, Paul S.; Thomas, Christopher; Guerrero, Alexandra; Shepard, Christine; Reguero, Borja; Franco, Guillermo; Ingram, Jane Carter; Trespalacios, Dania. 2016. Coastal wetlands and flood damage reduction: Using industry-based models to assess natural defenses in the northeastern USA. Lloyd's Tercentenary Research Foundation. London. Pages 23.
Data Set Narayan, Siddharth. 2016. Effectiveness, Costs and Benefits of Nature-based Defences for Wave Reduction. (Online version)
Journal Article Narayan, Siddharth; Beck, Michael W.; Reguero, Borja; Rodriguez, Inigo Losada J.; van Wesenbeeck, Bregje; Pontee, Nigel; Sanchirico, James N.; Ingram, Jane Carter; Lange, Glenn-Marie; Burks-Copes, Kelly A. 2016. The effectiveness, costs, and coastal protection benefits of natural and nature-based defences. PLoS ONE. Vol: 11(5). Pages e0154735. (Online version)
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Journal Article van Wesenbeeck, Bregje; de Boer, Wiebe; Narayan, Siddharth; van der Star, Wouter R.L.; de Vries, Mindert B. 2016. Coastal and riverine ecosystems as adaptive flood defenses under a changing climate. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change. (Abstract) (Online version)
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