SNAPP: Impacts of hydraulic fracturing on water quantity and quality for nature and people: Are we prepared for the future?

Principal Investigators:

Sharon Baruch-Mordo, Joseph E. Fargione, Joseph M. Kiesecker, Joseph N Ryan, and Anne M. Trainor

Hydrologic fracturing of shale resources threatens both water quality and quantity and current regulations are highly variable but generally inadequate. Public concerns over potential impacts are high, leading to interest by policymakers and regulators for science-based recommendations. However current knowledge gaps limit implementation of sound policy to avoid and mitigate impacts to surface and ground water. We propose a SNAP working group that will synthesis data and regulations to: 1) project water demand based on development scenarios and... more

Participants and Meetings

Working Group Participants
ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group12th—14th May 2014Participant List  
Working Group15th—17th October 2014Participant List  
Working Group4th—6th March 2015Participant List  
Working Group7th—9th July 2015Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Maria Alejandrina Alvarezmalvarez [at] TNC.ORGThe Nature Conservancy Argentina
Ann ArnoldAArnold [at] Oil and Gas Board of Alabama
Sharon Baruch-Mordosbaruch-mordo [at] tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Sally Entrekinsentrekin [at] uca.eduUniversity of Central Arkansas
Joseph E. Fargionejfargione [at] tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Martin Funesmfunes [at] wcs.orgWildlife Conservation Society Argentina
Paul Jehnpauljehn [at] gmail.comGround Water Protection Council
Brigid Kenneybrigid.kenney [at] maryland.govMaryland Department of the Environment
Joseph M. Kieseckerjkiesecker [at] tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Kate Konschnikkkonschnik [at] law.harvard.eduHarvard University
Nathan KuhnertNathan.Kuhnert [at] dvn.comDevon Energy
Kelly O Maloneykmaloney [at] usgs.govUS Geological Survey (USGS)
Jean Philippe Nicotjp.nicot [at] beg.utexas.eduUniversity of Texas
Lauren Pattersonlauren.patterson [at] duke.eduDuke University
Robert Pulspuls.robert [at] gmail.comUniversity of Oklahoma
Joseph N Ryanjoseph.ryan [at] colorado.eduUniversity of Colorado
James Saiersjames.saiers [at] yale.eduYale University
Jim Tolisanojtolisano [at] gmail.comWildlife Conservation Society
Anne M. Trainoranne.trainor [at] tnc.orgYale University
Avner Vengoshvengosh [at] duke.eduDuke University
Hannah Wisemanhwiseman [at] fsu.eduFlorida State University
Dan Yatesdyates [at] gwpc.orgGround Water Protection Council
Justine HausheerThe Nature Conservancy
Evonne Tangetang [at] nas.eduNational Academy of Sciences (NAS)

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Maloney, Kelly O; Baruch-Mordo, Sharon; Patterson, Lauren; Nicot, Jean Philippe; Entrekin, Sally; Fargione, Joseph E.; Kiesecker, Joseph M.; Konschnik, Kate; Ryan, Joseph N. 2017. Unconventional oil and gas spills: Materials, volumes, and risks to surface waters in four states of the U.S.. Science of the Total Environment. (Abstract)
Journal Article Oakleaf, Jim; Kennedy, Christina M.; Baruch-Mordo, Sharon; West, Paul; Gerber, James S.; Jarvis, Larissa; Kiesecker, Joseph M. 2015. A world at risk: Aggregating development trends to forecast global habitat conversion. PLoS ONE. (Abstract)
Data Set Patterson, Lauren. 2016. Unconventional oil and gas spills: Risks, mitigation priorities and state reporting requirements. KNB. (Abstract) (Online version)
Journal Article Patterson, Lauren; Konschnik, Kate; Wiseman, Hannah; Fargione, Joseph E.; Maloney, Kelly O; Kiesecker, Joseph M.; Nicot, Jean Philippe; Baruch-Mordo, Sharon; Entrekin, Sally; Trainor, Anne M.; Saiers, James. 2017. Unconventional oil and gas spills: Risks, mitigation priorities, and state reporting requirements. Environmental Science & Technology. (Abstract)
"SNAPP: Impacts of hydraulic fracturing on water quantity and quality for nature and people: Are we prepared for the future?" is project ID: 12685