SNAPP: Developing guidelines for and assessing relationships among biocultural indicators to improve long-term resilience of Pacific social and ecological communities

Principal Investigators:

Tamara Ticktin, Stacy D. Jupiter, Manuel Mejia, and Eleanor J. Sterling

Pacific Island communities face unprecedented challenges in conserving natural resources and maintaining human well-being. Gaining a better understanding of the factors driving community resilience and the supportive management practices and policies is urgent. Biocultural feedbacks are widely believed to play a critical role in fostering resilience of both human and ecological communities, but they are poorly understood. Understanding biocultural linkages and feedbacks requires overcoming two challenges: 1) development of consistent methodologies... more

Participants and Meetings

Working Group Participants
ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group14th—16th December 2015Participant List  
Working Group29th February—4th March 2016Participant List  
Working Group24th—26th April 2016Participant List  
Working Group23rd—24th May 2016Participant List  
Working Group12th—14th December 2016Participant List  
Working Group21st—24th February 2017Participant List  
Working Group11th—14th April 2018Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Chris Filardicfilardi [at] conservation.orgAmerican Museum of Natural History
Stacy D. Jupitersjupiter [at] wcs.orgWildlife Conservation Society
Manuel Mejiammejia [at] tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Eleanor J. Sterlingsterling [at] amnh.orgAmerican Museum of Natural History
Tamara Ticktinticktin [at] hawaii.eduUniversity of Hawaii, M?noa
Jon Ainiailan.awareness [at]
Simon Alberts.albert [at] of Queensland
Pelika Andrade Bertelmanpelikaok [at]
Joachim Claudetjoachim.claudet [at] gmail.comCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Rachel Dacksrdacks [at] hawaii.eduUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa
Presley Dovodovopres [at]
Emily Fielding
LeeAnne Frenchfrench [at] nceas.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Alan M. Friedlanderfriedlan [at] hawaii.eduUniversity of Hawaii, M?noa
Samuel Gonsgon [at]
Hugh Govanhgovan [at]
Elise HufferEliseH [at]
Sol Kaho`ohalahalamaunalei.ahupuaa [at]
Taholo KamiTaholo.Kami [at]
Hi'ilei Kawelohkawelo [at]
Peter Keniloreakenilorea [at]
Natalie Kurashimanataliekurashima [at]
Albert C. Kwatelaealbert [at]
Naia Lewispaeaina [at]
Lisa A Mandlelmandle [at] stanford.eduNatural Capital Project
Joe McCarterjoe.mccarter [at]
Kim Morishigekanoeulalani [at] gmail.comUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa
Winifereti Nainocawinifereti.nainoca [at] undp.orgUnited Nations Development Programme
Lihla Noorilihla.noori [at] gmail.comHawaii Conservation Alliance (HCA)
Puaʻala Pascuapuaalaikahoni [at] gmail.comUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa
Mere Ratunabuabuamerefiji [at]
Paul Roughanproughan [at]
Etika RupeniEtika.QICA [at]
Myknee Q. Sirikolomykneesirikolo [at]
Jaimie Tanguayjamie.tanguay [at] gmail.comVanuatu National Statistics Office
Alifereti Tawakelivingwealthsolutions [at]
Randy Thamanrandolph.thaman [at]
Eleni Tokaduaduaeleni.tokaduadua [at]
Ron Vaveronvave [at] hawaii.eduUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa
Kawika Winterkwinter [at]
Supin Wongbusarakumsupin.wongbusarakum [at] noaa.govNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Sophie Caillonsophie.caillon [at] cefe.cnrs.frCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
Jennifer E. Casellecaselle [at] lifesci.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Steven A. Graystevenallangray [at] gmail.comUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa
Pauline Fabrefabre.plc [at]
Craig Grovescraig_groves [at] tnc.orgThe Nature Conservancy
Emily S. Darlingedarling [at] wcs.orgUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Alexander Mawyermawyer [at] hawaii.eduUniversity of Hawaii, Manoa
John E. Parksjeparks5 [at] gmail.comMarine Management Solutions
Anteneh T Tesfawatesfaw [at] conservation.orgConservation International
Veronica Wasenicawase [at] gmail.comCity of Majuro

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Dissertation or Thesis Najjar, Dalia. 2017. Small landholders battle the leaf folder: Improving livelihoods in the Solomon Islands. Bard Center for Environmental Policy. (Abstract)
Presentations Sterling, Eleanor J. 2016. Convention on Biological Diversity COP 13 SNAPP Presentation. Convention on Biological Diversity COP 13; Cancun, Mexico; 2016. (Abstract)
Journal Article Sterling, Eleanor J.; Filardi, Chris; Toomey, Anne; Sigouin, Amanda; Betley, Erin; Gazit, Nadav; Newell, Jennifer; Albert, Simon; Alvira, Diana; Bergamini, Nadia; Blair, Mary; Boseto, David; Burrows, Kate; Bynum, Nora; Caillon, Sophie; Caselle, Jennifer E.; Claudet, Joachim; Cullman, Georgina; Dacks, Rachel; Eyzaguirre, Pablo; Gray, Steven A.; Herrera, James; Kenilorea, Peter; Kinney, Kealohanuiopuna; Kurashima, Natalie; Macey, Suzanne; Malone, Cynthia; Mauli, Senoveva; McCarter, Joe; McMillen, Heather; Pascua, Puaʻala; Pikacha, Patrick; Porzecanski, Ana L.; de Robert, Pascale; Salpeteur, Matthieu; Sirikolo, Myknee Q.; Stege, Mark H.; Stege, Kristina; Ticktin, Tamara; Vave, Ron; Wali, Alaka; West, Paige; Winter, Kawika; Jupiter, Stacy D. 2017. Biocultural approaches to well-being and sustainability indicators across scales. Nature Ecology & Evolution. (Abstract)
Journal Article Sterling, Eleanor J.; Ticktin, Tamara; Morgan, Te Kipa Kepa; Cullman, Georgina; Alvira, Diana; Andrade Bertelman, Pelika; Bergamini, Nadia; Betley, Erin; Burrows, Kate; Caillon, Sophie; Claudet, Joachim; Dacks, Rachel; Eyzaguirre, Pablo; Filardi, Chris; Gazit, Nadav; Giardina, Christian P.; Jupiter, Stacy D.; Kinney, Kealohanuiopuna; McCarter, Joe; Mejia, Manuel; Morishige, Kim; Newell, Jennifer; Noori, Lihla; Parks, John E.; Pascua, Puaʻala; Ravikumar, Ashwin; Tanguay, Jaimie; Sigouin, Amanda; Stege, Kristina; Stege, Mark H.; Wali, Alaka. 2017. Culturally grounded indicators of resilience in social-ecological systems. Environment and Society: Advances in Research. (Abstract)
Journal Article Sterling, Eleanor J.; Filardi, Chris; McCarter, Joe; Jupiter, Stacy D.; Cullman, Georgina; Albert, Simon; Betley, Erin; Boseto, David; Basi, Marlene; Bulehite, Evan S.; Harron, Ryan; Holland, Piokera S.; Horning, Ned; Hughes, Alec; Jino, Nixon; Malone, Cynthia; Mauli, Senoveva; Pae, Bernadette; Papae, Remmy; Rence, Ferish; Revo, Oke; Taqala, Ezekiel; Taqu, Miri; Woltz, Hara. 2018. Biocultural approaches to indicator development in the Solomon Islands. Ecology and Society. (Abstract)
"SNAPP: Developing guidelines for and assessing relationships among biocultural indicators to improve long-term resilience of Pacific social and ecological communities" is project ID: 12719